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What is Franchisor?

Typically, the franchisor is an entrepreneur who has laid the groundwork to create a thriving, established business. It owns the overall rights and trademarks of the company and allows its franchisees to use the rights and trademarks to do business. The franchisees are usually charged an upfront franchisee fee for the rights to do business under the name of the fran Read more...

New Franchise Business Opportunities Require Low Cost Investment
Franchise business

Building your dream franchise business

There is no one who doesn’t dream about becoming his or her own boss, but it is not so easy dropping your papers in the organization at a hint! Only if you are fancying your chances by investing in a franchise business model, you are minimizing the risk to a great deal. Franchise business brings forth limitless opportunities; whereby you can be your own boss and a Read more...

New Franchise Business

Benefits That Franchise Business Model Offer In Competitive Indian Marketplace

McDonald's, KFC, Barista or Cafe Coffee Day…what are they? For that matter, in India, they largely look the same; yet beneath the layer of similarity resides different organizations that own these brands and operate through their outlet, that is, franchise. The term ‘franchising’ defines the business relationship where owner of the brand (franchisor) permits a franchisee to use its brand Read more...