Personalised Wallpaper

Make a statement with our Personalised Wallpapers.

Custom personalised wallpaper can be used in many ways, capturing your child’s first ‘masterpiece’, promoting company artwork and logos, displaying your favourite photo as a work of art, creating a fantasy mural for your child’s room, cheering up a dull space with custom printed and sized design.

We can use your images and designs or even point you in the direction of further inspiration for creating an eye-catching addition to your home or work space. Whatever your individual needs, personalised wallpaper can provide a fun, creative way of fulfilling them!

No matter what your size of the wall may be, be sure we can cover it. There will be a joint every 3’ or 4’ depending on the wallpaper used and trust us,you would not be able to tell where the joint is. Call us and make those walls speak.


Glass Max

Subsurface Laser Engraved Glass from Presto. Now say your poetry thru Glass.

We can Subsurface Laser Engrave Glass with your Pictures,Text,Designs,Emoticons and what not ! And then your Glass is Framed with LED Lights in the Periphery. When the LED is switched ON, the engraving would glow like magic. Make your Glass Partitions speak and scream. Use them as Branding Opportunities in your workplace or master pieces of Design and Innovation in your Home. Presto is where glass and light interact in an unimagined way. New and revolutionary.Discover new possibilities!,


Personalised Wooden tiles

Personalised Wooden tiles aren’t meant to cover entire walls like traditional tiles; rather, they are accent pieces that let your creativity shine.

Presto has introduced customized wooden tiles that can instantly change the look of an entire room with little effort and no wall damage. Each tile is made of premium Steem Beech wood, coated with melamine for a long lasting premium finish. We Laser Engrave whatever you would like to go on your wooden wall. Just brings a bit of Europe into your interiors and leave you free to express yourself.


Personalised Sunmica

From corporate identities to themed environments, custom Sunmica can add an air of personalization to any space.

Simply bring to us your images, artworks, photographs or illustrations, and we’ll create a Sunmica design that’s exclusive. Create a corporate bold statement or even a fan following with your brand logos, official event images etc. We can meet your requirements for custom made Sunmica for retail stores, corporate agencies, cafes, restaurants, etc. The Sunmica is 1.5mm thick and can be pasted on any plywood .

With Personalised Sunmica, you have a whole new canvas for your interiors.


Personalised Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring and Personalisation make a heady mix !

Now have your floor personalised as well. Our Imported Wooden Flooring from USA can be custom printed with whatever you desire and can be laid out in a matter of few hours. Tested for heavy commercial use, the flooring will not scratch or develop abrasion marks even after years of use. Ideal for using as highlighter and making a statement.


Personalised Table Top

Now you decide, what would be on the table

Let us help you create a totally unique table for your office, restaurant and home. Have Your Custom Art Or Corporate Logo Photo-Embedded Into our Table top 19mm HDF from USA. Our unique custom capabilities allow us to transform the most imaginative visions of designers and architects into reality.


Personalised Bean Bags, Stools, Sofas & Chairs

Use our Custom Printed Leatherite in ways you want

Our Personalised Leatherette can be used to fabricate Beanbags, Stools , Sofa and Chairs. You can have your branding done on all your office/showroom chairs or have that cute beanbag with your favourite pictures. Of how about a sitting Puff that is made from some personalised graphics that you really love or Bollywood themed sofa in your den.


Personalised Light Shades

Light it up - Illuminated ceiling panels will brighten up your space in more ways than one.

Light up the room with impressive personalised lamp shades and let your personality shine. Print your photos, quirky designs or even text to make truly unique light shades. Capture your travelling memories and create a photo collage on this light shades. Make place for them in your home,office or study for a touch of you and an interesting conversation starter.


Personalised Ceramic Tile

There are some places where a Ceramic tile would do like nothing else. And to Personalise it count on Presto

For those wet or oily areas like washroom and kitchen you need Ceramic tiles. Ofcourse we can custom print them as well. Now have your own favourite image or graphic done or just go with a picture you have always wanted to be displayed in your space. Just another media for you to tell a tale.


Personalised Unisub Photopanels & Canvas

Unisub: Represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminium sheets.

Canvas: We only use the highest quality premium canvas, specifically designed for canvas printing.

Unisub: You’ve never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colours are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed. The Unisub photopanels are imported from USA and rated to be the best photopanels in the world with archival value of over 200 years.

Canvas: All of our canvases are digitally printed on real artist grade canvas then stretched onto wooden supports. Gallery wrapped canvases are stapled on the back with either the background, black or white showing on the sides of the canvas.

You would have a tough time deciding between these two products when it comes to having your memories on the wall.


Personalised 2D Glass Frame

We eternalize your favourite pictures by subsurface engraving them into optical quality crystal. The finished product is so exceptionally brilliant.

Pictures can instantly bring you back to a special moment in life. 2D Sub-Surface Laser Marking is the process of taking a 2D image and lasering it inside a crystal object. You can now use own photos, illustrations, Logos, text and have their likeness immortalized in a block of crystal. These photo crystals, or Crystal Portraits, make wonderful keepsakes.


Personalised PC Frame

Another winner when it comes to having your favourite artwork on the walls

We have your pictures beautifully designed and then printed on premium medium like vinyl,latex and sunboard. The assembly is then framed with the most premium Frames Profiles available in the market. Once done, and hung on the wall it looks like a super display on the wall .


Lasser Cut Letter

Simplify your sign business by letting us manufacture your acrylic letters.

You're getting more than an acrylic letter. Our acrylic letters and logos can be customized to virtually any custom graphic design, with laser-cut polished edges that can’t be duplicated with a traditional router. Available in many standards colors or painted to your specifications.


Name plates

We have designed some beautiful name plates that can be used to hang in front of your home.

We have a great collection of Wooden Nameplates that can be easily personalized just the way you want. We also design nameplates made of high quality acrylic. These look elegant, modern, and more creative. Nameplates add an altogether different look to the entry of your home, Showroom, Office, and Hotels.



Presto is the source for an amazing variety of custom Signage. We can design Signage that get your message across in a special way.

Custom Signage from Presto includes a world of shapes, materials, sizes, colors, typestyles, or special features. Allow our experts to work with you to evaluate your needs and suggest custom signs that will fit your budget and exceed your expectations. It may be a certain look you’re after or it could mean designing a system of signs that differentiate you from your competition. Our efficient approach to production combined with our extensive array of materials and suppliers mean that your custom sign products will be prepared on time and to your complete satisfaction.


3D crystal

3D laser engraved into a crystal that will last forever as a beautiful keepsake. Led Light base will enhance its visual appeal manifold.

Transform your photo memories and text into beautiful 3 dimensional subsurface laser engraved crystal. Let your imagination be your guide to creating everlasting treasures. Our Designer offers lots of ideas and inspiration. Our Larger Crystals can function as the perfect showpiece that any money can buy. Let them occupy that place on your side table in the living room.