Franchise Opportunities in India – An Overview of 3 Most Favorable Franchise Destinations in India

With each passing day, there is constant increase in the number of Franchise Opportunities in India and many success stories are constantly being written of the unlikeliest of people. Small investors make use of these opportunities to generate money with enough margins and also good amount of experience for their growth. Many companies have come into existence to make the most of these chances. These days, a number of cities and metros in India offer excellent opportunities for the franchise business. Delhi. Mumbai and Pune are three of the most favorable destinations for franchise business in India.

franchise opportunities in Mumbai

Opportunities for Franchise Business in Delhi

Delhi is regarded as the franchise industry capital of India. Even international franchises prefer Delhi NCR as the location of their Master Franchise in India. Delhi NCR is the largest metropolis in India in terms of area. Various services contribute to over 3/4th of the domestic product of the state. This makes it perfect for the expansion of medium and small scale enterprises. The boom in retail and franchise opportunities in Delhi has been the direct result of third highest per capita income, rise in disposable incomes, a big consumer market, inflow of migrants and skilled labor. FDI has also increased considerably in Delhi with many international companies choosing Delhi-based businesses for their first India franchise partners.

Opportunities for Franchise Business in Mumbai

The capital of Maharashtra and one of the biggest cities in India, Mumbai has long been the primary center of commerce in India and continues to serve as a vital trading zone. There are many franchise opportunities in Mumbai for business franchise, retail franchise and food and beverage franchise among others. Companies that want to grow their business via franchising model can also hire franchise consultants in the city for assistance. These consultants offer stepwise assistance in transforming traditional businesses into profit-churning franchisee models.

Opportunities for Franchise Business in Pune

The 2nd largest metropolis in the state of Maharashtra and the 8th largest in India in terms of area, Pune provides a lot of scope for franchise business in India. The various upcoming and established sectors that provide franchise opportunities in Pune include Education, Consulting, Business Services, Food and Beverage etc. Many small investors are making use of these opportunities in order to establish solid enterprises with great profit-making models. The entry of large players and foreign companies has led to a further increase in the number of opportunities.

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