Franchising Vs Independent Business

A lot of first-time business owners find out that the rate of failure is much higher in independent businesses as compared to investing in business franchise opportunities in Pune. The benefits of buying in a franchise are much greater if you are an entrepreneur because franchising provides a proven system and the support of a much larger organization.

Franchising Vs Independent Business

Some of the most notable advantages of buying a franchise over starting one’s own independent business are:

• Credibility and brand awareness
• Administrative/technical support (in most cases)
• Training provided by franchisor
• Quicker ROI
• Lesser risks

Freedom or Safety ►

The deciding factor between independent business and franchise often comes down to what an entrepreneur wants more: freedom or safety. There is no doubt that independent business owners have a lot more freedom when it comes to choosing the type of products and services that they want to sell and they can also change the product-line as and when they desire. The same perks are not given to franchise-owners. Franchising means that one can use the brand name and sell the same products and services sold by the mother-franchisor.

But it is a lot more safe and stable than independent business. How?

The independent business owner does not know how the customers will accept the products and services sold and also he/she will have to spend an exorbitant amount on advertising and marketing the brand on the market to let the customers know of their existence.

On the other hand…
Franchising agreement is usually entered upon with a brand or company that already enjoys a good reputation. This means that the products and services that you will be selling will be readily accepted by the end-users and neither would you have to indulge in large-scale, expensive advertising campaigns. In certain cases, you might also have the benefit of a pre-sold customer base. Franchising is a low investment business opportunity in Pune that offers faster cash flow and success.

To sum it up, both independent and franchise business is equally interesting and alluring but one has to be completely sure about the amount of risks he/she is willing to take or the money that one has to set-up a business. Franchising is a business that keeps owners from going bankrupt! Weigh the pros and cons before investing or staring on your own.


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