Personalised T-Shirts – Wear Your Attitude

Fashion trends evolve and change in a whisker! Something that’s in vogue gets outdated within a month’s time. However, something that has always been one of the mere essentials, or shall we say the building block of fashion, since a long time now is t-shirt. During its budding years, t-shirts were an apparel used as undershirts, but today, it is one of the popular, probably, the best casual outfits for men and women alike. The style, cuts and patterns of tees have changed drastically but the race for owning the most enticing collection, featuring the most unique design or whimsy caption remains unvaried!

Personalised T-Shirts
Personalised T-Shirts

T-Shirts – The Evolution

Fashion of t-shirts emerged during the 1950’s and became popular among youth. During the 60’s, people started sporting tie dye and screen-printed cotton t-shirts. There was a huge improvement in printing and dyeing.

During the 70s, the ‘disco-era’ witnessed the form-fitting t-shirts coming into vogue. Those extra-large, loose-fit, urban tees made way for the skin-fit ones. This was the era when raglan cut t-shirts with ribbing around neck and sleeves, rock concert t-shirts with the picture of rockstar or a rock band imprinted on it and tie-dye t-shirts with stripes and curved in varying dye colors also became popular.

Iron-on t-shirts were the coolest kind during the 1980s. Ocean Pacific t-shirts, Long t-shirts, and Hard Rock Café tees were few of the popular in the lot. The baggy and the bright denim with large letter imprints became popular in the 90s and made way to Slogan t-shirts with zip during 2000s. This was the time when V-neck cuts and dull colors became the ‘in-thing’.

 T-Shirts – Distinct Identifiable Apparel

T-shirts grabbed a distinct, identifiable market with women’s approach towards the apparel. With gradual participation of women in socio-cultural diorama, t-shirts became the most sought after apparel that imparted to the comfort quotient. With passage of time, more feminine approach to styling made huge difference in the designs of the t-shirts. T-shirts thus became a multi-purpose outfit that stood up to the vehement demand and thereafter, great styles, better fabrics, coolest designs, stunning color combinations of tees evolved.

T-shirts and Personalisation

Custom designed t-shirts as a style evolved during the 70s. During 1980s, advancement in t-shirt printing made custom t-shirts an integral corporate tool for business promotion for government as well as for non-profit organizations. Retailers were quick to discover the eminence of personalised t-shirts and varying themes and styles surfaced in.

Advancements of t-shirt printing machines during the 80s became a phenomenon and automation during the 90s changed the scenario further. A wide blend of patterns and designs in t-shirts evolved during that period. Today, with advancements of printing technology, a gamut of printing options (two-dimension and three-dimension, digital printed, animated and custom embossed) ushered onto the scene. Personalised T-Shirt is no more a chic style but has become a potential tool of branding. From the non-profit organizations to big corporate houses, customized t-shirts are the most viable marketing or publicity weapons.

 T-Shirts- Design and Styles

When it comes to the design of the t-shirts, there is plenty to choose from! Pocketless, v-collared, round necked, round collared, broad shoulder, short sleeved and more. We can now spot t-shirts conveying messages of varied significance – environmental messages, quirky or literary quotations, religious sentiments, musical references or comical messages; the list is endless. T-shirts with the face of a famous personality imprinted upon it has also garnered popularity.

Ideas for customized t-shirt have provoked controversial sentiments and reactions at times. Few ideas have been viewed as unethical or immoral. In the opinion of the wearer though, he/she is just utilizing a potent medium of expressing his/her mind and thoughts which can make a fashion statement or leave a social message.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to t-shirt design, there are no fixed guidelines – it can be anything under the sun! Moreover, the evolution of personalisation industry has come up with numerous other ideas, enabling individuals to print their own faces or imprint custom messages on the t-shirts. Creative, innovative and courageous at the same time, personalised t-shirts is the new cool! It is truly a unique trend that’s fairly simple and economical. The younger generation loves to flaunt their individuality and voice their opinions while following the fashion trends at the same time, and personalised t-shirts rightly fit into this bill!

 Personalised Tees – I am What I am.

Importance of customized t-shirt goes beyond making a style statement…it speaks for the attitude of the wearer! Custom-made or personalised t-shirts portray an individual’s thoughts; reveal the way he/she is and at times, uphold the views of the wearer effectively. This is the reason why personalised t-shirts have also become one of the coveted gifting articles in recent times!

 Wrapping things up…

T-shirts as fashion apparel have passed through broad social, cultural and economic aspect to become an essential commodity in day-to-day life, both in big cities to small towns. The common shift towards sporty and comfortable outfits has made way for t-shirts to become a basic part of an individual’s wardrobe. Be it in gym or at office, athletic events or outdoor environments, t-shirts are the “active wear” that makes a person fashionable, cool and more relaxed.

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