Presto Interior Decor

“The Perfect Decor Is The One That Speaks Your Style.”

Each Interior Space Has Its Own Story Which Is Often Left Unsaid.


Our qualified and experienced team strives to offer out of the box, aesthetic solutions for Interior Space within retail, commercial and domestic sectors. Continuous innovation and Perfect Execution remain out guiding Principals.


Presto and trust have been going together for last 22 years. We go that extra distance to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of product quality and timely execution. We have same guiding principal in case of our Interior business as in other verticals.

Expert Designer

Our design process is both holistic and personalised, and we place an emphasis on eco-friendly design concepts. Our qualified designers help you achive your designing objectives, be it for decoration, branding or stylizing.

Why choose us ?

Unique and Out of the Box Personalisation Solutions, not available elsewhere.

Cut to Order ,Printed to Order , Guaranteed Perfect Fit. Each Job is as Individual as You.

We are as passionate about our work as you are about your Interiors. You will be glad you spoke to us.


Our Solutions

Personalised Wallpaper

Make a statement with our Personalised Wallpapers.

Glass Max

Subsurface Laser Engraved Glass from Presto.

Personalised Wooden tiles

Personalised Wooden tiles aren’t meant to cover entire walls like ...

Personalised Sunmica

From corporate identities to themed environments, custom Sunmica...

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring and Personalisation make a heady mix !

Personalised Table Top

Now you decide, what would be on the table.

Personalised Chairs

Use our Custom Printed Leatherite in ways you want.

Personalised Light Shades

Light it up – Personalised Light Shades will brighten up your space in more ...

Personalised Ceramic Tile

There are some places where a Ceramic tile would do like nothing else.

Unisub & Canvas

You would have a tough time deciding between these two products when it ...

Personalised 2D Glass

We eternalize your favourite pictures by subsurface engraving them into...

Personalised PC Frame

Another winner when it comes to having your favourite artwork ...

Lasser Cut Letter

Simplify your sign business by letting us manufacture your acrylic letters.

Name plates

We have designed some beautiful name plates that can be used to ...


Presto is the source for an amazing variety of custom Signage.

3D crystal

3D laser engraved into a crystal that will last forever as a beautiful

How We Work

Our Process

The Personalised Interior Decoration Process Is A Series Of Steps That A Designer Takes When Working On An Interior Design Project. The Details Of Each Stage Will Differ Depending On The Type Of Design But The Approach Will Always Be Similar.

Getting To Know the Client & Identify the Key Requirements


Customised Design & Client Feedback

Implement the Design


Delivery & Setup