Personalised Gift for the Special Man in Your Life

Men are not known to be choosy about gifts they receive. Sports accessories, gadgets, motorcycles and cars that tend to fascinate boys and men alike. When you are trying to strike the deepest chord of your special man’s heart, you got to think of something very exclusive; something that will immediately allure him and make him smile in admiration. Sounds too daunting? Well, not much. All that you need to do is personalise the gift and add a special touch. This post is all about those personalised gift items that he will surely love and treasure!

Personalised Coffee Mugs

Although it is a very common gift article, coffee mugs never fail to impress a man. As an old proverb says– men are particular about their wine and coffee, idea of presenting a chalice for savoring their favorite espresso or cappuccino can never be at fault! You can make your choice from a wide range of mug and personalise exclusively for him. You can imprint his photograph on the mug to surprise him in the first place and to add more, imprint a few lines for him.

Personalised Coffee Mugs by Presto

Personalised Name Plates

Give your loved one an option of deck up the entrance of his house or his office cubicle with a personalised name plate! A unique gift idea that is worth admiring, your man won’t just help loving it! Even if you are giving it to your elder brother who has been your friend, philosopher and guide since childhood, you can be rest assured that it will definitely bring a smiling curve on his face! You can select metallic plates or opt for wooden plaques and carve his name on it.

Personalised Name Plates gift for frineds

Personalised Key Chains

Not something flamboyant but a small token that can bring a smile on your man’s face. Personalise the key chain that he can use for his office lockers, car key and the heartfelt message your etch will surely make you feel together

Personalised key chain gifts

Personalised Photo Crystals

Laser-engrave his photo into a 2D or 3D crystal and watch him admire it. This gift will aptly match the essence of any occasion- be it your dad’s birthday or celebrating your husband’s promotion in office! You can be rest assured to have conveyed your love and wishes to him.

Personalised Photo Crystals

Personalised Photo Frames

One lovely piece of gift your man shall treasure forever – photo frames! Let your man have something where he can preserve the beautiful memories. Yes, personalise photo frames with message of love or etch a picture of his and surprise him!