Personalised Wedding Gifts Your Best Friend Will Adore

It’s your best friend’s wedding and you are super-excited! Some crazy shopping together, finalising the dress you would wear on the wedding day and then you are baffled by the thought of picking up the gift that for him/her. The person tying the knot is no Tom. Dick or Harry, he/she is someone who has been the mastermind behind all the pranks you’ve played to ditch your competitors and off late, has been the planner of all the super-exciting night out parties. He/she is settling down and the gift you choose is surely not available at a department store. Your gift needs to wow your pal and you need to be most creative and think outside the bridal registry for him/her. The best thing you can do is personalise the gift. In this post, you will come across couple of gift ideas your best friend never knew he/she wanted, but will definitely cherish.

Personalised Photo frames

Was he/she the shutterbug of the group? If yes, personalised photo frames are the perfect gifts for wedding. Make sure you have the couple’s names imprinted on the photo frame or have etched it with the photographs from the early days, when they started dating! You can also choose a crystal photo frame and engrave the names and the photos of the couple. If you want to add to the creative spirit, you can select wooden plaque to emboss their names or photographs. A personalised keepsake box engraved with a college day photograph will be an excellent memorabilia for your best friend and would be cherished forever. Personalised wall clock with a collage of photographs featuring both of you, is also a good idea.

Personalised Photo frames for Wedding Gifts

Crockery and Cutlery

Your best friend is tying the knot and you know it’s a beginning of a new journey. Delving into a more serious gift-giving diorama will not be a cynical! For instance, you can certainly look out for fancy crockery items such as rice bowl sets or china plates, or even go for luxurious dinner sets and personalise these with delicate calligraphy and emboss the couple’s initials. Elegant glass set for the couple will also be a wonderful gift and if your dear one is a barbecue lover, the personalised grill monograms will surely elate him/her.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

You can entice your loving friend with titillating gourmet treat. Look out for a personalised gourmet gift basket and pick up varying kinds of gastronomic delights starting with coffee hampers, cheese hampers, chocolates, flavoured and roasted nuts or even a bottle of champagne or wine. To add a little bit of ‘spice’, you can personalise the label or wrapper of the edibles with cute messages.

Jewelleries such as gold chain with a pendant engraved with the initials of the couple or a bracelet personalised in the same way, are wonderful gifting options.

Personalised gifts are preserved and eternally cherished and when it is for the best friend, it got to be something exclusive and unique. A personalised gift need not be expensive; rather the most ordinary gift can be hand-picked from the mantel and made exclusive memorabilia with a special touch.

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