Personalised Gifts – The Best Way To Say You Care

Personalised gifts always have a special value. Etched with some heartfelt messages that convey the innermost thought of the soul, personalised gifts are lovingly cherished and eternally treasured. The gesture of presenting a Personalised Gift to someone is conveying how special they are in your life.

We often tend to associate a specific type of gift for specific gender. For instance, whenever we think of gifting something to a woman, we rush to the jewelry store and do not spend a lot of time before ordering a pendant set or a nice bracelet. Similarly, for men, electronic gadgets or even a simple cufflink rightly fits the bill. But, if we think something out-of-the-box and personalise their gift, it casts a wonderful impression. In this post, we will cast light upon the perfect choice of personalised gifts that we can present to woman, man as well as kids and convey our heartfelt love and care.

Personalised Gifts for Kids

Who does not want to gift the little ones something that they would hold close to their heart? Chocolate hampers, soft toys and video games are few of the common gifts that a kid receives, but when ‘unique’ is the word;gifts need to have personalised feature! Here are some of the options that you can offer to carve a smile on their face:

Personalised Mugs

Write the little one’s name or get couple of lines imprinted on the mug. You can also get photographs done on the mug – a cute photograph featuring both of you or photo of his/her favorite cartoon character. You just need to ensure you’re picking up his/her favorite color.

Photo Album

Photo albums can make one of the best customised gifts for kids. All you need is to collect photographs of some special moment and make a photo album out of it. Put in something that is exclusive; such as cards they had made or letters they had written. Assembling these memories and making a scrapbook or a photo album out of these will be a gift that the kids would treasure, even when they grow up.

Personalised Gifts for Men

When you are thinking of gifting something to men, you usually do not have a lot of brain-storming to do!Although men fall weak on technology, novels, cars, bikes and music, it is imperative to present something unique to impress him! You can take your pick from the following options:


One of the most popular personalised gift items for men is clothing! T-shirts, bathrobes, hankies, sweaters, there is a lot of things for you to personalise! You can either imprint the person’s initials or photographs or can get a special message printed or imprint the photo/quote of his idol on the tees. Cool and funky, men love personalised tees!

Personalised Mugs

He might be your friend, boyfriend, husband, brother or dad – all men have a strong affection for coffee! So, you cannot go wrong with the idea of personalising coffee mug with photo of both of you. You can add a special message alongside the photo! The idea of imprinting family or group photo on the coffee mugs isn’t a bad idea either! Personalised coffee mugs are popular items and will remain one in near days to come!

Engraved Items

Engraving recipient’s initials or name on any given item makes a special gift. You can engrave photographs on wooden plaques, pens, key rings and surprise him. You can also give him the option of decorating the door of his residence by engraving his name on the name-plate. Inexpensive but thoughtful, the engraved items as gifts can bring a smile on a man’s face.

Personalised Gifts for Women

Selecting a gift for woman can be a tricky task.Right from a bouquet of flowers to expensive jewelries, women love any and every kind of gifts. So if you are planning to gift something to impress her, think of something special. Here’s suggestion on what could possibly elate her the most:

Personalised Chocolates

Chocolates never disappoint women! So, while thinking of something exclusive, you can always opt for a chocolate basket. To add to the surprise element, get the wrapper customized with her photograph, dotted with loving messages. This is an innovative gift idea that will never fail to win over a woman’s heart!

2D and 3D Photo Crystals

Laser-engrave her favorite photograph that she keeps uploading as her profile picture in social media sites in a 2D or 3D crystal. This can be the most beautiful gift for the lady you love.

Ceramic Photo Tiles

Ceramic Photo TilesGift her ceramic photo tile with her photo imprinted on it and sit back and watch her admire it all day long! Let the liberal splash of color, creativity and imagination show off your love and care.

 Apart from impressing the special man/woman in your life or carving a smile on the little one’s face, personalised gifts are also considered a worthy present on wedding.

Gifts essentially convey the feeling of love and care to the special ones in our life. Wedding is synonymous with love, romance and togetherness and wedding gifts reveal the gesture of showering blessings upon the happy couple. Here’s a list you can consider for choosing that perfect wedding gifts:

 Photo Frame and Keepsakes

Ceramic Photo TilesPhoto frames and memorabilia are perfect gifts for wedding. You can get the couple’s names engraved/imprinted on the photo frame and this will add to the uniqueness. These frames are available in different materials such as wood or silver. Creating personalised memorabilia for the couple on such an important event will be cherished forever! You can also go for a wall clock and personalise it with the names of the couples or their photographs.

Gourmet Gift Baskets 

Customised gourmet gift baskets are a unique gift idea. The plan of gifting an interesting gourmet treat to the couple and then personalising it some special messages can be a overwhelming gift for them. You can go for the coffee hampers, cheese hampers, chocolate hampers and may be a bottle of champagne or wine with a personal label for the couple.

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